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What We Do?

We develop communication strategies to manage the corporate reputation of the companies and brands we serve for. 

Reputation Management

Along with the set targets, we work for managing the corporate reputation of the company’s product and service management in commercial, social, sectoral areas, and supporting, augmenting and re-forming – as applicable – its general image.

Leadership Communication

It is very important that the leaders and key spokespersons are perceived as reliable, professional and ethical persons.  At 5N1PR Communication Consultancy, we formulate strategies in order to ensure that the leaders take part in the set communication programs actively.

Marketing Communication

We create strategies aimed at promoting the purchase of our customers’ products and ensuring the satisfaction of their customers, and we develop and implement their projects.

Media Communication

At 5N1PR Communication Consultancy, we deliver to the target population the right message at the right time as prepared with a strategic viewpoint and along with the communication targets of the company.

Communication of the Corporate Social Responsibility

In social responsibility communication, we plan and manage projects aimed at creating and fortifying the perception that our customer contributes to the sustainable development of the society.

Crisis Management

At 5N1PR Communication Consultancy, we identify the threats for the the reputation of our customers and we prepare programs to eliminate them.   We believe that proper management of the crisis and creating opportunity out of crisis can be possible only with a well-managed crisis management.

Issue and Agenda Management

We bring the services and products of the companies to the agenda in a detailed and planned manner at certain intervals and for certain populations.  We follow the agenda items closely in order to ensure that our customers remain on the agenda.

Financial Communication

We manage financial communication with the right information strategy on subjects such as profitability, market share, growth, new investments, employment and value for the economy, and through adherence to the openness and continuity.  

Strategic Planning

We develop strategic communication approaches in line with your business targets.  Thanks to our strategic planning, we always stick to the principle to use communication instruments most productively. 

Online Communication

We develop communication strategies to manage the reputation in internet environment of the companies and brands we serve.

Social Media

In social media, we closely follow our companies and brands and inform them of all relevant processes.  We develop creative, result-oriented projects aimed at enhancing their perception, and coordinate their implementation.

Event Management

We design and execute special events for the business targets of our business associates along with their needs.


We organize special events to help realize the business targets of our customers in line with their needs.  We manage all processes such as calendar and market research, budgeting, coordination of the business associates and suppliers.


We conduct new product and project launches.

Press Conferences

We organize all your press conferences.

Press Tours

We organize domestic and international press tours.

Award Ceremonies

We organize all your special events like award ceremonies and anniversaries in full detail.